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You may not be willing to buy or own your solutions. You can rent and use them without buying them. Trilogiq offers LLDs with a 12, 24 and 36 month purchase option or personalized duration on request. For example if you want to use an assortment of these 4 solutions which have a new value of € 5,800, the LLD will come back at 10% deposit. Option to purchase at the end of the period.
12 Ay 24 Ay 36 Ay
Without early return * 538 € / Ay 267 € / Ay 182 € / Ay
With early return * 772 € / Ay 356 € / Ay 240 € / Ay
Return from 6 Ay 12 Ay 24 Ay
* Option "Early return". In the situation where you no longer have the use of your solution and you have subscribed to this option, Trilogiq retrieves it from your site, and your contract ends without any other obligation or cost.
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