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Spoločnosť Trilogiq Vás podporuje vo všetkých vašich projektoch, od jednoduchých komponentov až po komplexnejšie projekty alebo veľký projekt s montážou priamo u Vás.

Why an assembly tube and bracket?
Our modular tube and bracket systems allow you to create equipment that is 100% adapted to your requirement and environment.

Create customised solutions from the 2D shop.
From standard to custom, follow one easy step. Design your standard solution and then contact us for further detailed customisation.

Choose your dimensions and options.
Select the type of solution that suits you: set the ideal dimensions of your equipment and choose your options, the price adjusts in real time!

Let our Hoshin teams create a custom and ergonomic space in your factory.

How to buy a specific solution?
Entrust your specific project to our expert designers. They will conceptualise your unique solution.
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