Intra-logistics transport
TRILOGIQ trolleys are creative, lightweight, easy to handle and ergonomic. From simple to more advanced, they are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, dimensions and equipment. Hybrid trolleys often include several functions in the same product, making them perfect productivity tools. The aluminium versions are 40 to 50% lighter than all their steel counterparts. This lighter weight significantly increases mobility. Their aluminium finish is flawless.
Standard trolleys
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Products delivered assembled and ready to use. Our products for logistics and industry also provide an excellent basis for customised projects. Delivery within 11 working days ex works on receipt of order.
On-line configured trolleys
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Customised trolleys are configured online and manufactured to our customer specifications. The configuration parameters are simple: dimensions, number of levels, mobility and standard equipment. The budget is calculated instantly based on the changes made. Do you want a plan of your configuration design? Ask for a plan online or contact our technical teams. Delivery time: approximately 15 working days from receipt of order.
Specific trolleys derived from standard products
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Trolleys modified in terms of functionality and architecture. Don't start from scratch: our standard products and case studies provide an excellent basis for designing specific products with functional modifications. Exchanges with our design offices are necessary, but inspiration from existing products makes the job easier. Delivery times: 3 weeks to one month ex works after acceptance of drawings.
Technical trolleys
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Technical trolleys are very specific. Custom-built without an existing base, they feature special architectures. These are dedicated applications for logistics and industry. Technical trolleys can be fitted with our standard equipment and accessories. Other special accessories can always be easily integrated. Delivery time: approximately 6 weeks ex works after acceptance of plans.