Uses and applications
Uses and applications
Uses represent the real usefulness of a product in addition to its dimensions and architecture. TRILOGIQ products incorporate 17 main uses as standard. Most of our products incorporate and integrate several of these uses in the same system.
TRILOGIQ products designed for transport and storage incorporate plates or flat tubular structures for storing parts or packaging.
Products incorporating FIFO levels on robust riveted roller tracks manufactured by TRILOGIQ. These are gravity slopes for JIT First In First Out picking and supply. Some FIFOs (irregular Euro crates) slide on tubes or plates.
Information panel
The information panels are made of white semi-rigid PVC as standard and are not magnetic (available on request). They are designed to support all types of work instructions.
FIFO & empty return
Products equipped with this function incorporate one or more feed levels with slopes, roller tracks or plates and return levels in the opposite direction to the feed levels for the removal of empty packaging.
Vertical storage
Divider for vertical storage. It is generally used for unfolded boxes and other packaging products.
Ergonomic picking
System or architecture for easy grabbing and picking. Most TRILOGIQ ergonomic picking systems have adjustable angles.
White worktop as standard, matt finish: for assembly, inspection and packaging.
Angled levels
Applications with angled levels for picking and kitting. The angle is adjustable on most TRILOGIQ products.
Vertical separation
Compartments allow products to be separated from each other. Ideal for sorting and protecting products. These compartments can be tubular or made of separating plates. On this basis, our products can incorporate specific racks manufactured in-house at TRILOGIQ factories.
TRILOGIQ manufactures its plates, racks and compartments in-house. The advantages of this integrated design are short delivery times, competitive prices and perfect integration into the final product. Racks and compartments are made as standard from sturdy 10 mm matt-finish PVC panels identical to our sheets. Impeccable finish guaranteed.
Transport - Mobility
Whatever the range of products, the wheel structures are designed for intra-logistical transport. Swivel and swivel-brake wheels as standard, on sturdy base plates. Another advantage of products on wheels: the increased rigidity and durability of the systems. A highly recommended option.
Products on a reinforced structure can be fitted with front and rear hitches to form logistical supply trains. Since 2023, our bases have been made of 45x45 square aluminium instead of steel, to lighten the structures.
The cantilever is a suspended transport and storage device: ideal for boards, longer items and cables.
Our products can be fitted with rims of various shapes. The main purpose is to prevent parts or packaging from falling during transport or other operations. There are structures with 1, 2, 3 or 4 rims, depending on access requirements.
Flat conveyor
The conveyor function is based on FIFO levels on roller tracks, enabling products to be easily transferred from one station to another or within an application.
Offset picking
Ergonomic architecture specially designed for high-frequency picking and/or when space needs to be freed up completely. This is the structure that provides the greatest clearance from the box.
Angled front
The application has been designed around an angled front panel for improved picking ergonomics. Ideal structure for display units, flow-racks and picking workstations.