Our offer
Our offer
Assembled products and components for assembly
The TRILOGIQ offer is divided into 2 parts.
1-Standard products delivered assembled. The assembled products, like the components, are designed around a tubular architecture with a diameter of 28.6 mm. Standard products can be modified online in terms of size, mobility, number of levels and load adjustment.
2- Self-assembly components in steel and aluminium ranges.
Standard products
7 product lines, 107 collections and 600 products for warehouses and factories. Our standard products are presented in the form of collections: a common architecture and variations chosen for their usefulness. They incorporate both the simplest applications and the most advanced functions. TRILOGIQ offers compatible products that cover most uses. Our standard products are delivered within 11 working days of receipt of your order. Our standard products can be reconfigured online by requesting plans from our local design offices.
Trolley range
A wide, creative range. Our modular standard trolleys are easy to use, lightweight and ergonomic. Whether with shelves or Roll-type racks, our trolleys cover the main uses in logistics and industry.
Workstation range
TRILOGIQ workstations are designed for assembly, packaging and checks. Lightweight, modular, ergonomic and adaptable, they can be fitted with a wide range of equipment and customisation options such as racks, height adjustment, document and screen holders.
Flow-racks range
A TRILOGIQ speciality since 1998, FIFO flow-racks have evolved: they now incorporate advanced ergonomic picking options and can integrate various equipment such as storage, vertical storage and worktops. With their wheels, modern flow-racks are also FIFO trolleys. Our classic steel flow-racks with their very robust riveted roller tracks are still available.
Cantilever range
TRILOGIQ cantilevers are designed for suspended storage, particularly of long products and cables. Mobile and lightweight, the cantilever fits perfectly into production, storage and logistics processes.
Storage and shelving range
TRILOGIQ storage and shelving ranges from simple standard shelving to creative and intelligent storage solutions. Among these, racks, compartments and dividers are the most useful and most widely used in production units and e-commerce logistics.
Display units range
Display units are designed to store and provide parts or boxes. The priorities are ergonomic picking, ease of use and adjustment, without neglecting design and build quality. TRILOGIQ's creative display units are the perfect complement to workstations and trolleys, and fit in perfectly with factories, workshops and warehouses.
Conveyor range
Our conveyors are simple, therefore reliable and inexpensive. Non-motorised to avoid high purchase costs and superfluous maintenance operations, they use gravity for FIFO transfer from one workstation to another or flat roller tracks. Hugely modifiable, they can be fitted with classic options such as racks, information panels or storage levels.
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Our components are available in steel, aluminium or lightweight, modern composite materials. Steel tubes are designed for industrial applications and the heaviest loads. Aluminium tubes are more commonly used in logistics.
3 choices of aluminium thickness and 2 choices of steel thickness
  • 1.25 mm: products with light loads
  • 2 mm: the standard for most applications
  • 3.5 mm: in aluminium only, the ideal choice for sturdy structures
New products
LeanTek² rail support components in composite materials. Available in black and light grey. Efficient, one-piece moulded and very robust.
Leantek by trilogiq
Constantly improved for over 20 years
LeanTek steel