Conveyors are used to transfer a box or a product from one point to another. Our flat conveyors have no expensive to buy and maintain automation. On the contrary, they fulfil the conveying function at the best possible value for money and the highest ROI thanks to their simplicity. All our conveyor ranges can be customised by changing the dimensions, number of levels and mobility, on stands or on wheels. Our conveyors can be enhanced with the usual storage functions, for example a preparation table, information panels and vertical storage.
Standard conveyors
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The most commonly used conveyors can be found in our standard product shop. Our philosophy when it comes to conveyors is to use roller tracks and avoid any form of complexity that is costly to purchase and maintain. Models are available for the most frequent uses, such as flat transfer or FIFO slope feed. Delivery in 11 business days
Reconfigured conveyors
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Easy to configure in terms of size, number of levels and mobility, these simple conveyors are useful, inexpensive and configured to suit your needs. They are perfectly suited to FIFO transfer and are available in a wide range of configurations.
Specific conveyors derived from standard products
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The functionalities of these conveyors have been modified, and they have been adapted to specific uses from standard models reviewed by our design offices.
Technical conveyors
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Technical conveyors incorporate functions and uses developed by our design offices for specific applications. The architecture is special, as is the integrated equipment.