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We don't need to reinvent the wheel.
We know that round tubular architecture is the most creative there is.
Supermarket loop to edge of line with dedicated trolleys
Direct supply of the line by trolleys
Supply of the line by towed trains
Direct assembly of products on dedicated trolleys
Logistics loop for specific supermarket trolleys and flow racks
Line edge optimized by flexible logistics systems
Point-to-point aircraft engine assembly with flow racks and trolleys
Return trip in direct line between production area and factory storage area
Production density: Customized Trilogiq systems save space
Specific production flow racks providing better ergonomics and increased productivity
Customization of structures allowing to create empty zones without muda
General flow diagram of a Lean organization
From the simplest to the most advanced: Our Kaizen products
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Technical projects.Specific systems.
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Simple, reliable and safe
Simple projects
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