Technical projects

Using their skills and creative experience, Trilogiq’s 3D CAD designers develop specific projects in project mode specifically for RFQ’s. Optimising space, ergonomics and integrating different functions on the same solution.
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Industry - Heavy duty steel cart.
Industry - Technical flowrack with bespoke parts protection device on top position.
Industry - Bespoke workbench with LED lightning, keyboard system and specific flanges for sensible parts protection.
Automotive industry - Bespoke Technical live storage for FIFO distribution of various parts for the assembly linet.
Industry - Ergonomic mobile bespoke technical workbench.
Logistics - Transport and picking trolley for large size cartons.
E-commerce - Bespoke technical Compartment cart.
E-commerce - Bespoke technical cart made of one level with flanges and one free level on upper position.
Aeronautic industry - 2 faces vertical presentation cart
Logistics - Multifunctional cart
E-commerce - Mobile aluminum workbench with height powered height adjustment and doible LED lightning. FIFO function and empty return level on bottom position.
Chemical Industry - Technical Aluminium workbench with bespoke working area and Led lightning
Luxury industry - Fully closed transport cart.
Logistic industry - Technical live storage for roll handling with FIFO function.
Food industry - Bespoke worktable with electric height adjustment and customized work table.
Automotive industry - Bespoke mobile live storage with top return level and back position presentation stage.
Logistic industry - Very light push trolley for tote with flange.
Food industry - Transport and flat storage of parts before assembly
Logistics - Bespoke mobile workbench for order preparation.
Music industry - Bespoke mobile trolley with 6 compartments.
 - Bespoke mobile workbench with centered picking zone.
 - Bespoke mobile workbench for cartons forming integrating 2 functions: vertical storage on upper level with transport and storage on lower level.
Electronic Industry - Bespoke Cart integrating 2 functions: vertical storage on low level and bin transport on upper level.
Food industry - Bespoke workbench and order preparation for food industry.
Electronic - Double storage trolley: vertical and horizontal. It is composed of a box / bin location on the top and a compartment for vertical storage below. A very versatile solution.
Industry - Mobile workstation equipped with tablets and an inclined panel ideal for arranging documents. Station on wheels, perfect for moving around the entire production line.
Industry - Single-track trolley equipped with a bucket with metal base for very high load resistance.
Lighting - Single-track towable trolley for pallet transport.
Aerospace - Transport trolley for heavy loads (equipped with a double reinforcement bar). Designed for transporting semi-finished parts.
Automotive - Mobile workstation equipped with lower vacuum supply and return. Ideal for kit preparation in the assembly area.
Metallurgical industry - Line edge flow rack, consisting of two supply levels and an empty space below to allow the storage of pallets, oversized bins or even to attach to a machine or assembly station.
Industry - Mobile line edge console allowing real-time control of the progress of all or part of the production line. Composed of several compartments, it can accommodate, files, computer and other necessary tools.
Electronic - Storage support with compartments to be placed on a rolling base. Ideal for the provision at the edge of the assembly line of electrical wiring (in this case). Easy supply and sorting.
 - Horizontal storage trolley, fitted with protective sheaths to ensure that the most fragile products are not damaged.
Retail / E-Commerce - Order preparation rack, due to its particular architecture, this rack allows easy selection of references for optimized picking.
Aerospace - Storage rack for light fixtures.
Aerospace - Transport of finished products with a protective cover.
Aerospace - Storage trolley for supplying air intake parts to the production area.
Railway - Cantilever for storing parts of railway equipment.
Logistic - Pre-assembled kitting and transport trolley.
Electronic - Workstation with shelf and holder grid for electronic equipment assembly.
Aerospace - Handling tools support trolley.
Healthcare - Compartment trolley for visual inspection on the assembly line.
Automotive - Storage unit beside assembly line.
Automotive - Storage unit beside assembly line.
Lightning system - Trolley for the transport of pallets.
Aerospace - MRO station - for the maintenance of aircraft parts.
Agriculture - "Sequencer" towed kitting cart with base.
Automotive - Gluing station with extractor hood against harmful vapors.
Retail - Stations for food order preparations (Drive).
Agriculture - Transport of agricultural machinery parts on assembly lines.
Aerospace - Storage of parts before MRO assembly and maintenance.
Aerospace - Storage of parts before assembly and MRO maintenance.
Pharmaceutical - Storage trolley for finished products to be kept under key/padlock
Aerospace - Cantilever for the transport and storage of lighting parts for aeronautics.
Aerospace - Trolley for the transport and storage of lighting parts for aeronautics.
Building - Storage of aesthetic parts: interior of construction machinery cabins.
Retail - Trolley for preparing orders for jewelry and other small items
Retail - Trolley for the preparation of orders and sorting of references of various shapes.
Aerospace - Internal transport of very large products and fragile parts at each stage of the production process.