What can GRAPHIT do for you?

 In an industrial environment, you’d be forgiven for thinking that “tough” and “light” are polar opposites, yet GRAPHIT manages to roll them into one. Heavy loads in an aggressive environment and durable reuse: neither are problems for our appli- cations. We offer flow racks, trolleys, workstations, and pick trays, all in compo- site materials and all customizable and redeployable. With carbon providing weight savings of 50% and more, GRAPHIT solutions offer unbeatable ergono- mics while guaranteeing industrial-strength ruggedness (various types of load- supporting tubes can withstand up to 275kg per level) and easy maintenance of lineside equipment.



GRAPHIT modular racks and trolleys can be reconfigured in real time to suit activity peaks and troughs. Unmatched lightness makes their handling and use child’s play.