• Modular logistics solution. Lean-Manufacturing applications, flowracks, trolleys, serving trolleys, workstations, hybrid systems.
    GRAPHIT adapts to numerous sectors with unprecedented benefits: 100% modular DNA, ease of assembly, modern and enhancing materials, ease of maintenance, full reusability and reduced working costs.

    Trilogiq, international market leader for modular stock, storage and transport solutions
    Trilogiq is a key player in the composite material industry. In more than 20 countries, Trilogiq designs, develops and manufactures the components and applications of the GRAPHIT system.
    Our creative studios and development centres create and assemble personalised solutions for you.
  • Graphit :

    the practical, aesthetic and innovative solution
    The composite materials that serve as the technological platform of the GRAPHIT system provide unprecedented innovation and creativity.
    Lightweight and quality design, personalised modular DNA, durability, user-friendliness and reusability are among the key benefits of GRAPHIT

    tourism – the practical, aesthetic and innovative solution
    From car factories and retail units to operating theatres; from the agribusiness industry and applications in the tourism industry to the very highest technology: GRAPHIT applications can adapt to all environments. Their ease of maintenance and ability to be recycled makes them a highly valuable system in terms of global usage cost.
  • Applications :

    trolleys and storage systems adapted to all situations and all sectors
    It is no exaggeration whatsoever to say that GRAPHIT can do anything.
    Most essential of all, it can do whatever you want it to! The intelligent use of its different components allows you to manage the heaviest loads in the most demanding environments, with the most fragile and delicate products.


    cutting-edge technology for simplicity of use
    GRAPHIT components are currently the most advanced available.
    Their benefits?
    50 to 60% lighter, durable, easy to assemble and creative. They are air- and water-tight, rust proof and do not damage the tubes during assembly/disassembly. We can also manufacture them in the colour of your choice.

    we can assemble your flow racks…
    You may wish to buy GRAPHIT components for your own assembly.
    You may also wish for us to provide our creativity and expertise. As a manufacturer, we know more than anyone what GRAPHIT can do for you. 3D design by our Tech Center, followed by assembly, according to specification, in our factories: the turnkey GRAPHIT solution.


CONGRATULATIONS to the Cercle Nautique de France (CNF) rowing team and its GRAPHIT boat.

On the 7 June, the CNF team came fourth in the French rowing championships. Trilogiq supports the CNF rowers and the French rowing team by providing the GRAPHIT boat for national and international regattas. georgia .


GRAPHIT, the most user-friendly and creative system

Whatever the choice of material,

the adaptability, the creativity, design

design and working cost,

benefits of Graphit are unprecedented.

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